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The Lost Gardens

The idea of an itinerary among courtyards, gardens and parks in Ferrara rises from the consciousness of the importance that gardens had in the Estense culture and still have in the contemporary town-planning.

In the Renaissance Ferrara was famous for its gardens, inspired by church cloisters. So beautiful that they recalled an earthly paradise, they were designed according to the rules of the courteous and knightly culture of the Court.
They also had a relevant political value.

Even today tourists are fascinated by the spacious and unexpected green areas that the city keeps with such care!
The itinerary starts from the historical centre and develops along the two main streets of the town: Corso Giovecca and Corso Ercole I∞ díEste, allowing not only to recall the history of Este Family through a new vision of the cityís most important monuments, but also to emphasize how the idea of garden has changed through the centuries!

The tour ends at Massari Park that represents the epilogue of this evolution, an ideal place for citizens and tourists to rest and enjoy green lawns.

Loggia degli Aranci (the so called ìOrange Trees Loggiaî)
Torre dei Leoni (the Castle tower)
the Duchessesís Garden (beyond the Ducal Palace)
Pareschiís Garden
Marfisaís House
Diamonds Palace
Ariostoís Square
the ìCertosaî (the Carthusian Monastery, now the public Cemetery)
the Jewish Cemetery

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