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Cycling along the city Walls

Cycling along the city walls

A brick belt of about 9 kms. still surrounds the very heart of the town Ferrara.

Riding along the old ramparts of the Renaissance city is an original way to learn about the imposive military architecture of this period.

An important deterrent in the frame of the foreign politic of the Este Dukedom in those years, the city walls wittness the continous efforts and superb results in the military technology made by the Este Court.

An uncommon lookout from a privileged point of view over the plane countryside around Ferrara: we will detect the ancient Jewish graveyard, hidden inside the vegetation, the big church of St. Christopher in the distance and the Chartusian Monastery, founded in the 15th century, nowaday monumental cemetery of the town.

An itinerary with a special atmosphere - a wonderful excursion in summer, away from the heat in a shady tunnel of trees, a magic change of colours in fall and an awesome blush of green in spring, whilst melancoly hounts the place in wintertime!

Away from the frantic rythms of the city life, visitors can “dive” in this park that embraces the town and explore all the tips that make this itinerary remarkable: photography, history, bothany, idrography, legends and folk traditions and above all the approach to people that only bicycle can offer.

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