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Lucretia Borgia

Another Lucretia

A Borgia at the Este Court

An historical and celebrative itinerary, more than 500 years after the arrival in Ferrara of the Spanish Princess, as famous and controvert as, maybe, a victim of her time.

Renowned, indeed, more as a beautiful poisoner, than as a devoted Christian, like she was during the years of her ferrarese ducat, Lucretia appears today, through the analysis of the contemporary critic, like a mysterious personage, yet for completely new and interesting reasons.

Let’s discover together this charming character, visiting the places which were the background of her short presence in town: the Stanzino delle Duchesse, little renaissance jewel inside the Ducal Palace, the Este Castle, theatre of a regency that lasted few years, Romei’s House, frame of her spiritual retreat.

Eventually we will reach the “Corpus Domini” Convent, where is preserved, among illustrious others, her tombstone, walking through those streets of the town where she roamed around for some years, probably the most serene of a complex and tormented life.

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