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The Architecture of 20th century: from Rationalism to Liberty Style

Dal Razionalismo al Liberty

The Architecture of the 20th century

From Rationalism to Liberty Style

The itinerary starts from the historical buildings of the city centre, restored or builded anew from the twenties to the fifthies, such as the Town Hall, the ex Palazzo della Ragione and the “Nuovo” Theatre.

We will walk along Via Bersaglieri del Po until Corso Giovecca to cross the area of the ancient Hospital of S. Anna, whose demolition gave way to the town-plan elaborated by Ciro Contini, municipal architect in the thirties, with the Frescobaldi Auditorium, the Museum of Natural Sciences and the School “Alda Costa”.

Proceeding then through Via Borgoleoni we reach Viale Cavour, where at the corner stands the imposive building the “Generali” Insurance Company of Venice and keeping on going we reach the area of the disembowelment of the convent of S. Domenico, with the Palace of “Camera di Commercio” and the ex INA building in the zone of the old public gardens “Giardini Margherita”. An interesting comparison can be made between the Rationalistic style of the Airforce building or the ex Casa del Fascio and the Lyberty style of Villa Melchiorri or Villa Amalia, two elegant private houses of the thirties.

Finally through the new “Giardino” District, that took the place of the destroyed Papal Fortress, we will have a look at the “Poledrelli” School and walk down Viale V. Veneto until the massive watermain with the fountain of the Po river and its tributaries.

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