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The Monasteries of Ferrara

The monastery of Sant'Antonio in Polesine

A very special atmosphera surrounds this place, which looks beyond the times.
In spring the garden welcomes the visitor with a gorgeous blooming of an old japanese cherrytree, but all through the year the “aura” of peacefullness strucks even the most skeptical tourist.
This is a unique place for meditation and prayer and its allure is inhenced by the rare beauty of frescoes decorating the choir and the cloister, where unknown followers of Giotto and later masters (14th, 15th and 16th centuries) created an enchanting cycle of original paintings. Here a byzantine influence is mixed with naturalistic and gothic styles in a rare fusion of extraordinary works.
The Benedictine Nuns still live in this seclusion, which transformed a river island in a spiritual congregation, and sometimes sing Gregorian chants in memory of their blessed founder Beatrice d’Este, daughter of the Lord of the town, whose story lives on in the fame of her miracles.

The Convent of 'Corpus Domini'

The Oratorium of 'Annunziata'

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