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Art of the XIV° century in Italy

Padua is a city of great cultural and artistic tradition. A city more than 3000 years old whose heritage is a myriad of monuments of great historical value!
Art-guide Studio offers you some thematic itineraries to discover the big and small treasures of this surprising town.

Classical itinerary:

It is a walking tour during which the Art-guide Studio will enable you to discover one of the most dynamic and vital cultural and economical italian centres.
From the Scrovegni Chapel, masterpiece of Giotto, to the nearby church of the Eremitani Friars, that holds paintings of Guariento and Mantegna, and the Civic Museums (Archeological Collections and National Gallery) to the Zuckermann Palace
Continuing the visit into the very heart of the town we will pass through the Altinate Gate and see the Pedrocchi Caffee, one of the oldest and most famous in all over Italy.
Infront lies Palazo del Bo', den of the University, one of the oldest in Europe, with the famous Anatomical Theatre and the chair of Galileo.
Then we'll walk through the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza of the Fruit, the old market area, dominated by the imposant Palazzo della Ragione and Piazza dei Signori.
From the Piazza dei Signori, caractherized by the Palazzo del Capitanio, with a triumphal arch and and astrological  ancient clock, in a few minutes we can reach the Duomo and its wonderful Baptistery, decorated with spendid frescoes by Giusto de' Manabuoi. Eventually one can add a visit to the Diocesano Museum inside the Palazzo Vescovile
Going back then to Piazza Antenore, where the supposed tomb of the Troian hero lies, we can reach for Palazzo Zabarella, ancient Carrarese residence, nowaday prestigious den of many temporary art-exhibitions and events.
Finally we'll get to the Basilica of Saint Anthony, temple of faith and shrine of many works of art, every year it is the goal of millions of pilgrims and tourists.
Near the church there are other notable monuments, such as the staue of Gattamelata by Donatello, the Oratory of Saint George, masterpiece of the XIV century, and the School of the Saint. Not far lies the Botanical Garden, the oldest universitary fresh yards of Europe, built in 1545, and at the end of via Cesarotti there is the monumental complex of the Loggia and Odeo Cornaro, splendid exsamples of Reanissance architecture in Padua.
The tour will wnd in the near square Prato della Valle, a monumental elliptic space arounf which are a lot of elegant buildings and ancient palaces and on the southern corner lies the imposant church of Santa Giustina

Half day tour:

Prato della Valle

Basilica di Sant'Antonio

Scuola di San Giorgio

Palazzo della Ragione (*)

Battistero di San Giovanni

Full day tour:

in addition to what mentioned in the h/d tour, Art-guide Studio will take you through the real texture of the city streets and lanes to...

The Scrovegni Chapel (booking needed)

Oratory of St. Michael

Palazzo dei Carraresi

(*) closed on monday

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