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The perferct itinerary would include a half day art-tour of the city of Modena & a h/d gastronomical/cultural tour in the outskirts :

the city tour (in the morning) presents all the artistic sites worth a visit in town Modena (*) such as:
the Cathedral
the Ghirlandina tower
the Piazza Maggiore (main square)
the Jewish Ghetto
the Ducal Palace of the Este Court (no interiors)
some other important churches holding important pieces of art, peculiar to the style of this city in northern Italy, or a visit to the Enzo Ferrari's Museum (tkt. not included)

In the afternoon we can visit , very close to Modena, a beautiful Liberty Villa that hosts a quality production of Balsamic Vinagar and a factory of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese that includes a collection of Maserati old cars + old motorbikes & bicycles (Museo Panini)

We can also book for you a private taxi for a few hours or lunch in very carachteristic places in town Modena, reservation are needed.

(*) not visible after the earthquake of may 2012...

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