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Venice: secret tour!

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Personal walking tours for small groups

The Art-guide Studio offers tours in Venice (half day 4h or full day 8h) that are especially tailored for our customers, with a choice of original and unusual itineraries

Let’s go far from the madding crowd and immerse ourselves in the virtually untouched atmosphere of the “sconte””, the hidden paths or back streets, commonly used only by the Venetians, which preserve all the charm of this immutable city, which cannot grow, is unique and above all beautiful!

Grand and regal or sometimes full of decaying charm, the “campi” and “campielli” (squares) are all so very different: each one has its history and secrets and offers the chance to stop and admire numberless details, architectural decorations and to recount episodes and peculiar facts of the history of this city that is so old and so special.

Together we can explore churches that are not easy to find, but that are rich in priceless treasures; we can scour the northern quarters (on foot or by speedboat) to reech the other side of the lagoon and its islets, or talk about the origin of the first Jewish Ghetto. We can also look for a more modern and avant-garde Venice, the one of the Biennale and its provocations…and eventually stop for a “cicchetto” (a glass of wine) in one of the last remaining “baccari” (the old bars…)

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