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Ferrara by Giorgio Bassani

Literary parks

Literary paths.

Streats of silence: Ferrara by Giorgio Bassani.

An itinerary that seeks all those atmospheres and views of the town that inspired the setting of G. Bassani’s novels: from the ancient Jewish graveyard to the tennis fields of the “Marfisa’s Club”; from the Renaissance Walls to Ariosto’s Square; from the heart of the Jewish Ghetto to the Public Library.

Following the footsteps of the characters of the “Five Ferrarese stories” we’ll try to gather the atmospheres chosen by the author and the reasons that made them so emblematic, so representative of a life which runs quietly, in a province-town like this one, within the walls of bourgeois houses and inside the private life of families deeply devoted to their own cultural and religious traditions, like the protagonists, for instance, of “The Garden of the Finzi-Contini”.

Sensations indeed not hard to find: in the colours of the cotto-bricks or into the deepness of the landscapes of the plain…matching the varied changes of colours throughout the seasons and the maybe crossing the town at a very human speed: the one of a bicycle!

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