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Ferrara - classical seightseeing tour

Ferrara, classical tour

A totally customized guided tour!
For individuals or small groups of friends…chatting calmly about Ferrara and about all that rotates around the story of this town: its traditions, its culture, its food and art.
We can go around, perhaps by bicycle, and discover the most hidden and unknown corners of the city, stopping here and there to chat with its people; the last artisans of the old shops in the area of the Jewish Ghetto: the barber, the old tailor and the eccentric artist friend. We can also visit the ceramics workshop and the bar hidden between the medieval lanes!
We can experience the bakery where bread is still made in the “Ferrarese way”, climb up one of the towers of the Este Castle and have a coffee there or enter a monastery cloister for a moment to discover an atmosphere that is totally different and unexpected…
We can visit the public library to see the frescoes and the old cisterns or walk along the city walls to the Jewish cemetery recalling Giorgio Bassani!
You may like to cross the northern quarters, the large Herculean Addition: the “streets of silence” that Filippo de Pisis describes. Or pass through the elegant halls of Palazzo Massari where the masterpieces of Giovanni Boldini are housed.
We can talk about ancient miracles or about the many famous painters who came here, such as Pisanello, Piero della Francesca, Mantegna.
Or we can plunge into a more recent Ferrara: the one of its “Fascist twenty years”, from its Art Nouveau architecture to the Rationalism of the early XX century.
Finally we come to Ferrara today, with its 100,000 bicycles, its university, which is over 600 years old, the shops, the people…or even its problems, like managing water in an area with overhanging rivers.
There is certainly plenty to discuss: from the ancient Etruscan city of Spina to the misery of the marshes infested by malaria; from the glory of a European capital city in the Renaissance to the Devolution to the Vatican and the decadence of the papal Legation.
Ferrara is a kind of a “sample city” for the whole of Italy that tourist want to encounter and understand and where finally, by slowing down our pace, one can go some way towards accomplishing that dream.

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Classical Seightseeing tour:

Half day (3 hours)

Panorama (by bus): the Herculean Addition and the city Walls, Diamonds Palace (only outside), Ariosto Square.Then walking tour in the city centre (pedestrian area) between the Este Castle (visit of the interiors at request) and the Cathedral (interior free, closing time between noon & 3pm) until the area of the ancient river harbor and the old Jewish Ghetto

Full day  (6 hours)

in addition to the h/d progamm we suggest the visit of another interior at your choice between:

Schifanoia Palace

Marfisa's House

Casa Romei

The Museum of the Cathedral

The Monastery of S. Antonio in Polesine

The Convent of Corpus Domini

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