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The Ferrarese painters

Palazzo Massari and the Galleries of Modern and Contemporary art of Ferrara

The Ferrarese Painters

Palazzo Massari and the Galleries of Modern and Contemporay art of Ferrara *

The Giovanni Boldini's Museum

Located in the elegant apartments where Dukes Massari lived, the Museum describes the whole career of the painter, from the first steps in Ferrara to the Florentine period until the time of great success in London and Paris.
He has been probably the most striking portraitist of the Parisien “Belle Epoque”.
Together with paintings and drawings, the Museum hosts pieces of furniture and objects once owned by the artist and donated to the city of Ferrara by his widow.

The Filippo de Pisis's Museum

Another sensitive ferrarese artist is Filippo de Pisis, who created an original image in the modern art of 20th century, displaying his carreer between Milan, Paris and Venice.
Among flowers, delicate male nudes, rarefact still lives and stenografic landscapes, the museum offers to the visitor a rich collection of oil-canvases, watercolours, hetchings and drowings, together with some poetries and literary works, which complete the view over his caleidoscopic intervention.
The splendid donation made by Franca Malabotta, widow of the great collector Manlio, has also recently enriched the Museum with a huge number of works, both paintings and printings, which make it the most complete collection of Filippo de Pisis’s works that his hometown of is now proud to host.

Gaetano Previati, Giovanni Mentessi and many moore...

N.B.: * Temporay closed due to the earthquake of may 2012

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