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The Duomo's Museum

The Cathedral’s Museum

The extraordinary collection of the Cathedral’s Museum has its elegant seat into the old church of saint Roman.                                        Here the visitors can admire at its best all the precious objects that sum up the most important stages of the decoration of the Cathedral, since its foundation in the Romanesque period until the Renaissance, under the Este Seigniors, up to restyling in the eighteen century.
You will see the wonderful organ shutters of Cosmè Tura, the marble relieves of the destroyed Months portal, masterpiece of the European sculpture of the period between Romanesque and gothic style, the majestic tapestry dedicated to the patron saints of the town.
The itinerary winds also between collections of illuminated corals, sculptures, paintings and vestments and vessels (for church ceremonies), precious shrines which tell us about the history of the religious path of the ferrarese community and the tight relation between art and power.
We propose indeed not just to enjoy the beauty of the Museum Collections, but also to ponder the “collection phenomenon” itself and the several meanings of this particular gathering of efforts by the Civic Associations to acknowledge and evaluate the figurative arts in Ferrara.

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