Virtual guided tour of Banksy's exhibition in Ferrara

Teasing your curiosity

Thursday 6th August h.7,00pm (Zoom)

I cannot guide you inside the art-exhibition at Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara (due to the Corona virus...)

but I can largely comment with you the many issues it brings along! I can suggest (that) you watch a couple of movies before:

'Exit through the gift shop' and 'Saving Banksy', both available on YouTube and very meaningfull about...

and bring all your questions, even the provocative ones with you 

at the end of my virtual tour ;-)

I really like this contemporary artist (or group of artists...) and hope to intrigue you along the description!

Hope to have captured your attention..see you on Thursday!

(the subject is not particularly suitable for kids..)

tkt.12,00€, payment can be made with Paypal

info&booking: info@artguidestudio.com (+39 338 6986649 only on Whatsapp)

Art Guide Studio di Dott.sa Lucia Laura Garani - Corso Giovecca 185, 44121 Ferrara, Italy - Cell: +39 338 6986649 - Email: info@artguidestudio.com - P IVA 01436640385

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